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2019 Redesign Notes

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I Have Learnt:

  • #1
    • I need to make what I build adaptive. Do not assume one type of content will be utilised more than another because that is what I do right now.
    • The design is not doing the heavy lifting I require from it.
    • While I have the overall trajectory in the right direction, the website needs fine tuning in all areas.
  • #2
    • I am happy in general with the technical way the static website works.
    • I need to re-examine the technology it is built upon, Eleventy looks to be the favoured platform to switch.
    • Build time needs to be reduced it is creeping up and taking too long.
    • I have some custom areas of my Jekyll build that need to be documented and ascertained if I can get feature parity by it’s replacement.

Future Actions

  • #1
    • Do a deep dive on the UX.
    • Look in to the user interface design at a later date, once I understand requirements better.
    • I have yet to review where Mastr Cntrl is not meeting my requirements.
    • I have not looked at the overall architecture and this needs reviewing.
  • #2
    • Explore Eleventy and build a POC to demonstrate I can migrate successfully.
    • Revisit the design and UX of the current site. Explore this in detail to design a system that works for my needs.
    • Investigate improving the quality of my RSS feeds and general syndication content.
    • Investigate Avatar loading, caching and progressive loading techniques.
    • Minimise external load content such as Mapbox images and Avatars.
    • Set some time to review my Netlify integration and set-up. How can this be improved?
    • Set some time to review future integrations and what I will be accommodating.
    • Automate syndicating to IndieNews.