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Vincent Pickering(he/him) is a Service Designer at the Ministry of Justice living in Wellington, New Zealand

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To move URLs or not. While porting code to #eleventy there is an opportunity to clean up my URLS, but this would break backwards compatibility and previous webmentions without doing a ton of redirects and life is too short.

Spent more time researching the big redesign today. There are definitely speed bumps and leaning to overcome but it seems plausible from a practical point of view. Happy!

It might be better to build a list of tech tasks that will not change during the redesign and research those in parallel while doing the redesign on Jekyll in the meantime.

I have spent the last few days digging through 11ty docs. It seems like moving from Jekyll is feasible. But given my custom setup a lack of documentation for trickier aspects might slow things down for a time.