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Weeknotes #8

Weeknotes for May 5th 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering

The last few weeks have been pretty full-on.

New Job

I started working as a Service Designer at my full time gig for the Ministry Of Justice. It’s a really interesting job with a huge breadth to it. Lot’s to learn and I’m getting stuck in!


It took 5 weeks for our goods to finally make it on to a ship headed here. Finally we can begin to plan getting a long-term rental and start the process of getting settled once it arrives… Speaking of which, we just moved in to our new rental for the next few weeks. It’s beautiful and a real change from Karori which is up in the mountains, Lyall Bay is sunny and reminiscent of Cornwall. Complete with surfers everywhere. I could get used to this.


Picked up a few awesome releases recently. Jetpacks by Von Kaiser is particularly awesome


I have a couple of problems on the website which have been dragging on ever since I moved time-zones that I want to try and address soon.

  • Webmentions are broken from which is a pain. I save Webmentions in JSON using their date to file them. At some point the time-zone discrepancy messed this up.
  • Image posts are suddenly broken and this one is a testing issue. They seem to work fine when I test them on a desktop browser over Wi-Fi. But if I use 3G and an iPhone, total failure. To the point the website refuses to acknowledge it is there. I expect unpicking this to take some serious time with no logs to help.

Fingers crossed I can crack them this week.



Juan Fernandes Juan Fernandes

I'm really enjoying your weeknotes Vince as you settle in New Zealand. Moving to NZ was something my wife and I tried to do.