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Weeknotes #11

Weeknotes for May 27th 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering

The blog

This week has been a mostly “thinky” week. I’ve spent my free time reflecting on the website and what I want it to be. I think I’m reaching some conclusions and hopefully I can start to flesh out these thoughts in more detail on the blog soon.


I got a couple of hours free to go and see John Wick 3 (It’s great go see it!) at the decadent Empire Cinema in Wellington. I love the Event Cinemas here. The seating is generous and comfortable, well spaced apart. Screens and sound systems are top end too. To top it all off you can get beer, wine and cocktails delivered to your seat along with pizza, snacks and nibbles. Pretty epic!

The only downside is that the screens frequently sell out, gotta book ahead.

Food Show

We went to the Wellington Food show on Saturday, Cat “sampled” all the wines and spirits they had to offer, while I played a fun game with Seb, sampling every type of food we could. The quality was astonishing and we came away very happy!