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Weeknotes #14

Weeknotes for June 22nd 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering

The blog

After a short period of being ill I started this week with a bang releasing the first part of my big redesign effort. It really felt good to start tackling all the little niggles I have amassed over the last year. I am currently putting together part 2 and really getting stuck in, exciting times!

You may or may not have noticed that the links to Mastodon have gone. I always intended to syndicate to Mastodon, but I just can’t get in to it and had all but abandoned the account. Recently it looked like my account was suspended due to inactivity, so I took the opportunity to pull the trigger, and removed all the work done. It felt quite cleansing, it is a lot of code that has been hanging around “just in case”, which is always a bad code smell. Only write what you need to use.


Trying to find a good rental is still dragging on. If I was able to buy a house, I could pick up a fantastic property, rentals are however a harder proposition. New Zealand operates on a summer cycle, so the properties become available near Christmas. It is however the height of winter, so some owners are looking at short 6 month leases. The rest of the properties are still vacant for a good reason. Hopefully we can reconcile this giant headache soon.

New Car

The most exciting thing that happened this week was picking up our brand new Toyota Rav 4 Limited Edition Hybrid, we ordered it shortly after arriving in the country and took ownership on Saturday. I have never bought a brand new car before (and probably won’t again) so it was quite a special day. We found out when we picked it up that they are being sold faster than Toyota can make them so there is a 1 year waiting list and the price went up $1000!