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Weeknotes #15

Weeknotes for July 14th 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering

Moving House

The last few weeks have been frantic but we are finally all moved in to our new rental with our things.

I won’t go in to it on the blog. but the upshot is that if I was to ever move to another country again I don’t think many of my things would come with me. The enormous cost and hassle it introduced along with the extended stay in Air BnB’s while we waited to receive everything all added up is more than it would have cost than to sell it all and replace when we got here.

In the end things are just things. Lesson learned.

The House

Our new home

We really landed on our feet with our rental, deciding to rent in Eastbourne which is the opposite side of the bay to Wellington.

The house is 2 minutes walk from the sea on a really friendly road. It took a while to decide on where we wanted to rent but I think we found a place we could settle down in, once our Visa have been cleared. Happy times!

Food and Drink

Wellington has a huge food and drink scene. There are so many great eateries and bars hidden away. Recently the Sweet as Hutt, Hot chocolate challenge started in Lower Hutt. Followed shortly by Wellington on a plate where all the restaurants compete, then there is the best burger competition. During the event there is also a competition for the best Cocktail.

Finally don’t forget Beervana is also going on during Wellington on a plate.

I expect to gain a little weight!



Vincent Pickering Vincent Pickering

You will have to come visit at some point!