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Weeknotes #15

Weeknotes for July 29th 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering


Seb turned 5 last week, so I took a break last week from weeknotes for family time.

Cat made Seb a giant 5 racetrack cake which went down very well!

Seb had a giant 5 race track cake

For Seb’s birthday we took him Go-Karting and 10-pin bowling. Go Karting was a lot of fun Seb managed about 5-10 minutes on his own before he decided to hop in the two-seater with his mum. Not bad for his first effort!

Unfortunately when it came to the bowling I have to hang my head in shame, Seb managed to get a strike and a bunch of spares near the end and won!

Afterwards we went to Giuseppes in Lower Hutt for some amazing Italian pizzas and gelato.

Great day!


Work is slowly progressing on the redesign. My day job is consuming a lot of my time at the moment and the next post in the series is pretty weighty. In a week or so, I should have the time to get back on to it and get things moving.