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Vincent Pickering is a Service Designer & UI/UX Consultant from the UK based in Wellington, New Zealand

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Short form notes

It shouldn’t be this hard to draw and format a table of data on a windows machine. How is this a thing.

Weeknotes are not forgotten. The last few weeks have been quite full of life.. Hopefully I can get back on track tonight.


Gutted Shoebox is closing down. Any suggestions on a good place to store images with a sensible content policy? Happy to pay, would prefer to avoid free services.

Super pumped for Avengers Endgame this evening. Couldn’t get to an earlier screening, it’s in the middle of the day in NZ so at work. Now to avoid the Internet all day!

If you decide to emmigrate it’s totally worth paying for the whole container for your stuff. You might think it costs more, but otherwise (like me) it sits on the docks for ages, waiting to be filled, and you burn through cash in AirBnB’s while it still hasn’t left the UK.

You might have noticed since I moved to New Zealand my posts timestamps have been a bit odd. Hopefully this post should show its been fixed. Time zones are hard

Put the deposit down on a brand new car today. If I had bought the same model in the U.K. it would have cost nearly double!


Spotted that my website is stuck on GMT time. I’ll fix it when I can. In the meantime posts are 12 hrs behind

Plane on time. Went through security early so we were not rushing. Got through security. Plane now delayed. Spectacular timing. Now the waiting begins…