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Vincent Pickering is a Service Designer & UI/UX Consultant from the UK based in Wellington, New Zealand

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Short form notes

Spotted that my website is stuck on GMT time. I’ll fix it when I can. In the meantime posts are 12 hrs behind

Plane on time. Went through security early so we were not rushing. Got through security. Plane now delayed. Spectacular timing. Now the waiting begins…

Today’s the day, after an insane 7 days we get on the plane and start our new life. Excited! #NewZealand

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Weeknotes will probably not happen this week. But you only move your life to another country once!


If you look above this note, you should see I am now supporting the intended audience Microformat. The only downside, at this time, is that I haven’t seen a Micropub client offer this option.


#UX tip. Get a user to describe a screen to you. Make notes on the order in which they describe the functionality. Where proceedural screes are concerned I am noticing, users describe what they see on screen in the order they would naturally process the transaction or operation.


Sat down to do New Zealand planning and disappeared down a rabbit hole of trying to discern what electric gadgets I own will work abroad and what wont. Fun times.

After months of unpicking my life intertwined in Google. I’ve finally deleted my account. One step closed to owning all my own data. #SiloQuit #Indieweb