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Vincent Pickering is a Service Designer & UI/UX Consultant from the UK based in Wellington, New Zealand

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Short form notes

Last night I finished implementing the latest updates to the website design. Micropub content is far better integrated. I also took the time to fix my Microformats implementation, I had several bugs in the old code that were causing issues in Webmentions displaying.



I’ve spent much of 2018 making preparations to move my family to New Zealand. My wife and I fell in love with NZ a long time ago and have dreamt of moving for some time. In February we spent a month touring both islands (with a short stop in Singapore). This trip wholeheartedly cemented our desire to move and we resolved to make it happen.

Almost a year later (April 2019) and if all goes to plan, we will have left our old life behind in the UK to begin anew in the friendliest, prettiest place on this earth and I can’t wait.


There is a lot happening in my life but I am still resolving to finish my IndieWeb implementation and port the site to Eleventy by the end of 2019. If I find some spare hours in the day, I’ll turn Mastr Cntrl in to Lambda functions too!

Professional Work

I will no longer be accepting new contracts in 2019. Running my current contract until it expires before we leave for NZ and my new full time job. If you were hoping I could provide assistance and support to your business in 2019 there are some great people I can recommend who offer similar services. Look them up :-)

2019 is going to be bloody brilliant.

Last night I managed to successfully implement another IndieWeb feature a Media endpoint to the blog.

A Media endpoint allows you to upload data to your website, usually in practice it is used for photo posts but you could use it to upload files if you wished. This will now give me the option to post images here on the blog instead of Instagram, which I would like to quit using.

In practice it wasn’t as complicated as I thought it might be to implement. This is how it works.

  1. The endpoint needs to authenticate with IndieAuth.
  2. Once authenticated it accepts an image URL encoded, as per spec.
  3. The image is stored in memory.
  4. The code then responds to the file sender with a location for where the image will be located.
  5. The image is then base 64 encoded and POST’ed in to the Github API with a unique filename.
  6. The endpoint returns complete.

The Sender acquires the file location for the photo and runs through it sequentially for multiple photos. It then sends the location string(s) along with the other JSON data.

I extended my note formatter to accommodate photos and output the photo location and alternate text for each image in to the Frontmatter for the post.

Prefixes when using Microformats

I had always wondered what the p- and u- prefixes meant when using Microformats. Thanks to the Indieweb slack channel I got the answer while querying about u-category and p-category today.

Semantically nothing is different. The prefix is a parser directive. u- (URL) tells it to take the value for category from a href attribute, src attribute, etc. While p- (plain text) tells it to take the value from the element’s inner-text, or sometimes title attribute (e.g. for abbr elements).

Making a note of this here in case I forget.

I have been working hard on my #IndieWeb implementation. There is still much to do, the work is constantly being juggled with family life and preparation in moving to New Zealand. Progress is slower than I would like. But there is progress.

My Micropub implementation is nearly complete allowing me to write posts (like this now) from other apps or websites authenticated with my site (via Indieauth). Outstanding is syndication and my media endpoint (next on the list).

Webmentions received are almost complete. I support most types, outstanding are RSVP and bookmark. Recently I have updated my code to receive Webmentions as soon as the post is published. Previously I waited 6 hours. This is working really smoothly and I am happy with it.

Sending Webmentions is still unfinished. I am mulling over my implementation of this, due to the nature of static sites and thinking of a simple implementation I would be happy with.

I often have so many ideas and projects I want to work on it feels crippling. To try and actually finish things I start, I am hunkering down on getting webmentions finished, ignoring other side projects. Now I just have to find time in my life to do it >.<