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Prefixes when using Microformats

I had always wondered what the p- and u- prefixes meant when using Microformats. Thanks to the Indieweb slack channel I got the answer while querying about u-category and p-category today.

Semantically nothing is different. The prefix is a parser directive. u- (URL) tells it to take the value for category from a href attribute, src attribute, etc. While p- (plain text) tells it to take the value from the element’s inner-text, or sometimes title attribute (e.g. for abbr elements).

Making a note of this here in case I forget.

I have been working hard on my #IndieWeb implementation. There is still much to do, the work is constantly being juggled with family life and preparation in moving to New Zealand. Progress is slower than I would like. But there is progress.

My Micropub implementation is nearly complete allowing me to write posts (like this now) from other apps or websites authenticated with my site (via Indieauth). Outstanding is syndication and my media endpoint (next on the list).

Webmentions received are almost complete. I support most types, outstanding are RSVP and bookmark. Recently I have updated my code to receive Webmentions as soon as the post is published. Previously I waited 6 hours. This is working really smoothly and I am happy with it.

Sending Webmentions is still unfinished. I am mulling over my implementation of this, due to the nature of static sites and thinking of a simple implementation I would be happy with.

Accessibility testing with different visual impairment glasses. A really good way to understand how it affects so many people. #accessibility #a11y