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My favourite Synthwave tracks in 2018

A list of my favourite Synthwave tracks in 2018

Published by Vincent Pickering

My most listened and favourite Synthwave tracks released in 2018 in no particular order. Quite a few heavy hitters released albums this year, so much to enjoy.

You Drive by You Drive

Jasmin Kaset wraps some incredible lyrics around the punchy synths of MAVS. This one has been on repeat a lot. Cracked Plate, Hold On and Royal Blue are particular favourites.

Infinity by W O L F C L U B

W O L F C L U B are on a roll right now, 2 albums in one year. Both of them great. Infinity gets more plays than Chasing The Storm, but both albums are great. Get both. Notable mentions Faster, Can’t Stop falling in love and Starlight.

Kids by The Midnight

The Midnight continue to evolve their sound leaning towards lost childhoods in the 1980’s very similar to my own. Makes you want to blast it out on a Ghetto Blaster, strapped to the back of your BMX on the way to the arcades. Wave and Explores are particular favourites but the whole album is just perfect.

Dark All Day by GUNSHIP

GUNSHIP return with a bit more of a cohesive darker synth sound than the last album. More polished and tighter they keep getting better. When you grow up your heart dies is the standout track.

End Of Transmission 2 (DATA070) by Wojciech Golczewski

Probably my favourite synthwave artist right now. Everything Wojciech puts out gets is incredibly well produced and multi-layered. This year Wojciech put out 4 albums (2 of them movie soundtracks) and 2 unique singles. The man is a machine. His DATA series evoke space like nothing else. Perfect.

Users by Liin

I love the way Liin play with the synth sound, it feels modern and yet has it roots firmly in the 80s. Combined with some great lyrics and a driving synth sound it makes for catchy tunes. You’ll be humming these before you realise it. Users and Downtown are particular mind weavels.

End of The Night by Robert Parker

Robert Parker consistently puts out quality synthwave, this album is no exception, full of great tracks, the man doesn’t miss a beat. Make Love is my favourite.