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Vincent Pickering(he/him) is a Design Lead at the ACC living in Wellington, New Zealand

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A feed of my life

Had an hour tonight to add in some quality of life code, auto-tagging links and Twitter handle links.

It has irked me for a while that when using a Micropub client I couldn’t link these up as easily as manually writing the file.

My code is here which you can copy wholesale if you are running Eleventy, just make sure you set the linkify option to true (as well as the code below) or it won’t work.

I have also had a change of heart around pausing the syndication and webmention servers, so they are back online and I can receive webmentions.

My 2016 MacBook has been slowly dying over the last two years. It started with broken keys and random restarts and today the screen died and it’s borderline useless. This is going to get expensive…

Bought myself a new dot grid moleskin to design my website on. I find when I step back from the computer my creativity isn’t bound by constraints and my mind can wonder to interesting places

Just as naming something sets the tone for what a thing can and cannot do in a persons mind. A good content author can really influence a service in a positive way by changing the way a user interacts with your service or interprets what they can do.