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Vincent Pickering is a Service Designer & UI/UX Consultant, based in Leeds, U.K.

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A blog about Service Design, My life, UX, Cybernetics, HTML, CSS and Javascript

After months of unpicking my life intertwined in Google. I’ve finally deleted my account. One step closed to owning all my own data. #SiloQuit #Indieweb


Had some free time today to fix the bugs in my JSON feeds. They should all validate and have the correct information in each field. I was accidentally outputting some of the fields in the wrong places causing some interesting errors!

Hurray! Finally in the UK we get Season 3 of The Expanse today. Looking forward to catching up on the series and more regular watching now its on Amazon Prime.

Last night I finished implementing the latest updates to the website design. Micropub content is far better integrated. I also took the time to fix my Microformats implementation, I had several bugs in the old code that were causing issues in Webmentions displaying.