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Vincent Pickering(he/him) is a Service Designer at the Ministry of Justice living in Wellington, New Zealand

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Short form notes

Playing whack-a-mole with a few bugs and being a grown-up, before racing to the fun redesign stuff. Being a grown-up is hard.

Today is new Macbook Pro day! Finally got my data migrated from the broken machine and I am back in business, itching to get started on the blog.

Squinting in to an iPad, using Sidecar so I can do a few things on my broken laptop before the new one arrives… it kinda works. Kinda.

My 2016 MacBook has been slowly dying over the last two years. It started with broken keys and random restarts and today the screen died and it’s borderline useless. This is going to get expensive…

Fixed that bug causing the 2019 redesign post to get republished in the JSON and XML feeds everytime I deployed the website. Sorry about that!

Bought myself a new dot grid moleskin to design my website on. I find when I step back from the computer my creativity isn’t bound by constraints and my mind can wonder to interesting places

Just as naming something sets the tone for what a thing can and cannot do in a persons mind. A good content author can really influence a service in a positive way by changing the way a user interacts with your service or interprets what they can do.

Swapped my webmention microservice back to a web hook instead of polling and it feels much nicer. I looked in to Websub but it just seemed like overkill. I will trial this for a while and see how it goes.

Pet #UI peeve When a destructive action like “delete” is placed next to a frequently performed action like “save”.

Please keep destructive actions in a place that show a definitive want to perform. People make mistakes or may have fine motor skills issues.

Keep it #accessible