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Weeknotes #1

Weeknotes for Feb 23rd 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering

I’ve been wanting to give this week notes thing a try for a while, I think it will help me develop my writing style and be a place for bits and pieces that don’t belong anywhere else.


I spent some free time this week ironing out some bugs in Mastr Cntrl related to bookmarks and (finally) getting the indieweb part of syndication done. I decided I would add some frontmatter to each article or note I wished to syndicate. I wanted this to be something I can automate via using the syndication data supplied to a micropub client, but also a way for me to manually add to a hand cranked post. Finally, it was important to me that this was a per post thing, I don’t just want to machine gun all my notes to Twitter. It’s not always a good idea to just post content to a social network without thinking!

For the time being I am using Zapier to post in to Twitter, it’s the lowest rent option. But eventually I’ll swap this out for something that pushes the copy from the indieweb server.


Last week I pushed out a large change to the design of the website, better aligning it to the content I am supplying. Its been a good first step to better representing my content, alongside this I rewrote my Microformats data. I had multiple bugs that were resulting in my Webmentions not being interpreted correctly.

This has paved the way for me to finally begin using a social reader and I’m happy to report (so far) I can send webmentions and view data correctly. I’m quite amazed at what I have built and how seamlessly it has worked. It’s a testament to how well thought out the decentralisation process is and the great people who work tirelessly on the IndieWeb.

New Zealand

Much of the last 2 years has been taken up making my families move to New Zealand a reality. It finally feels real. I’ve accepted a job, sold my house, applied for Visas, arranged the move. In 6 weeks I’ll be starting a whole new life and I can’t wait.

Sparkline Graphs

I spent some time today creating a template I can use for sparkline graphs in SVG. This weeks graph is a sorry state, its the two tiny horizontal lines above.


I bought a few albums this week, I finally picked up the Magic Sword album that I really thought I already owned, but apparently didn’t and this inspired me to go looking for more music and discover some new artists. To my delight I discovered Emil Rottmayer and his album Descend which is a dreamy 80s infused electronic soundscape.

Other notable artists to check out I discovered this week:



Paul Robert Lloyd Paul Robert Lloyd

Yay! New Zealand hey… mind packing me into your suitcase…?

Juan Fernandes Juan Fernandes

Wow that's amazing. Loved NZ ♥️