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Weeknotes #3

Weeknotes for March 9th 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering on


Much of this week has been spent refining my Microformats. I fixed a number of properties that were not parsed correctly, and marked up a few more properties (with help from the IndieWeb community) and X-Ray so that when I syndicated to IndieNews the content is output correctly. Awesome! When I tag content with indienews I can submit the post on the site and syndicate it really easily. Hopefully soon I can automate this completely.

I added support for 2 more experimental Microformat properties, checkin and audience. Checkin was a no-brainer, I checkin fairly frequently so I should try and support it.

Intended audience is something I am curious over where it goes, it’s more of an experiment. I like the idea of trying to specify which audience the intended readers should be. But even within a subset, I feel context is being lost occasionally. It would be great if another Microformat property existed such as p-tone where you could specify if this is a parody, tongue-in-cheek or factual post. I recently saw Aaron’s post with custom emoji’s and this is a fun way to start to convey that type of style, but emoji’s are still a little abstract in my mind, although there may be something in this.


I continued my work on syndication this week. I didn’t have time to write direct API calls yet (or use an existing library), but I did find 30 minutes to output on each post where it has been syndicated. Little steps but nearly there!

New Zealand

This week my visa got cleared and we exchanged contracts on my house sale. No going back now, 3 weeks to go and counting ;-)



Mike Tattersall Mike Tattersall

Great to see you’re all sorted for New Zealand. 👍