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Weeknotes #4

Weeknotes for March 13th 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering

This week has been a bit of a blur. I finished my final working week in the UK and began the process of winding down my company. Looking back I am quite amazed at all the incredible projects and opportunities I got to work on and feel privileged and proud those companies and individuals trusted me to help them achieve their goals.

In between all the final work bits, I began tidying up the code base for Mast-Cntrl, my Indieweb server. The code up until now has been written entirely to “just get it done”. Now I have achieved the major functionality, I’m working on making things more robust, refactoring and making things DRY.

The next phase is to make my Github module support updating and deleting Webmentions. I would also like to track what music I am listening to, watching on TV, and reading. Which doesn’t look too tricky to achieve 😃

It’s been a sad week this week also, I met up with my long time friend Rick Harrison for a final beer before I jet off, and spent time with family saying final goodbyes.

Somehow we also slotted in a trip to Legoland in Windsor, Seb is Lego obsessed and had been wanting to go for ages and it was his last chance, unsurprisingly he loved it 😃

Looking forward, the hard work is nearly done. Just a week of packing up my life in to a shipping container and a 24 hour flight next week, then my new life begins!