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Weeknotes #10

Weeknotes for May 20th 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering


This week we moved yet again. An unfortunate problem with emigrating is that your stuff takes a while to arrive. Leaving you with the option of renting a place (furnished) long term then paying for storage until your contract expires or renting AirBnB’s short term giving you better flexibility.

We chose to go the AirBnB route and it has allowed us to move around Wellington and try living in a few places, all of which has been vastly different, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it gets to a point where you get bored living out of a suitcase and need something more stable.

Thankfully soon it will be over. We will be settling for a couple of months in a rental. then moving in to something long term.

Wellington Zoo

On Saturday Wellington Zoo had a $2 entry special so we had to go along. If you are in Wellington I would recommend it. It isn’t the largest zoo, it probably takes half a day to casually walk round, the animals are fantastic though and you get quite close to them.

The zoo itself sits up really high in the hills so we got yet more stunning views of Wellington while watching the animals. I’m not sure this country is ever going to stop taking my breadth away, it is a truly pretty place.


I am still doubling down on fixing some of the long lasting bugs before I begin my redesign. I want to spend time understanding the problems so I can get a solution that works for me. Fixing character encoding was my top priority, which it seems I introduced myself as an issue, when I implemented a fix for the Webmentions (which are stored in JSON not Markdown). Instead of checking my solution I applied it to everything. Dumb mistake.

With that problem seemingly fixed, I’ve moved on to the last encoding issue, Emoji which seems much more taxing, but also is an avoidable problem. I might timebox it and move on to the image issues with my media endpoint if I can’t find a solution.

FInally, I am still playing with the idea of blogging my whole thought process as I redesign. It may take a considerable amount of my time to get it down, but the more I consider it, the more I think it is time well spent that could be useful to others.