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Weeknotes #12

Weeknotes for June 3rd 2019

Published by Vincent Pickering

The blog

I am slowly gearing up to begin work on the next pass of this blog. It’s snowballed a bit and I am going to be including a refactor of Mastr Cntrl as well.

The plan is to go through a full planning, design and development cycle, blogging as I go. I can’t promise it will happen overnight. But hopefully by doing it in the open I will get to a better end result, should be a fun experiment!

Personal life

This week was spent trying to find a long term rental. We viewed a few houses and found one “potential”. It became clear that we have way too much “stuff” for the average New Zealand house, despite slimming down our contents before we left. So we either stump up for a bigger place (gets expensive fast) or we sell more things, which may end up being what happens.

Living more frugally recently has not only been more rewarding, it has made us realise that some things we “really really need”. However there is plenty we don’t need, might be time to go full Marie Kondo.

Watch this space.