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Vincent Pickering is a Service Designer & UI/UX Consultant from the UK based in Wellington, New Zealand

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A feed of my life

Spent more time researching the big redesign today. There are definitely speed bumps and leaning to overcome but it seems plausible from a practical point of view. Happy!

It might be better to build a list of tech tasks that will not change during the redesign and research those in parallel while doing the redesign on Jekyll in the meantime.

I have spent the last few days digging through 11ty docs. It seems like moving from Jekyll is feasible. But given my custom setup a lack of documentation for trickier aspects might slow things down for a time.

Decided the next step in the website redesign is to migrate to #Eleventy I will swap out the engine but keep it all the same. Then I can evolve the design and architecture easily on the new platform. It is just too much for me to do it all at once in my spare time.

Christmas is soon. But my brain is still struggling to comprehend a summer Christmas. Hopefully this gets easier

Currently considering if it requires a 25 minute explanation as to why your framework exists and a further hour to explain how it works if this is genuinely a complex problem or if this is manufactured nonsense.